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Bilby Colouring Competition

​Bilby Colouring Competition
Congratulations to Jessica and Cayla who achieved equal 10th place in the “Face the Challenge-Save Australia’s Endangered Species “ Bilby colouring competition.  The students in year 2 and year 3 entered the colouring competition and enjoyed learning about Australia’s endangered species. Each girl received a big box of goodies including a chocolate Easter Bilby.
Did you know?
The bilby is a solitary, nocturnal, omnivorous marsupial.  The female bilby has a pregnancy which can last between 12 to 14 days.  A baby bilby is called a joey and when it is born it looks like a jelly bean with legs.  It remains in its mother’s pouch for between 75 to 80 days.  Bilby can live for 6 to 7 years in the wild and 11 years in captivity.